It could be quicker online!

GP practices are busy places, often receiving over 30 calls a minute. It might be quicker and simpler to book online.

You can register with Patient Access, this will allow you to book appointments online*, avoiding busy phone lines. Click here to complete the registration request.

If you are already registered with Patient Access click here to book an appointment online

Alternatively, check out our Free Services and you may be seen quicker.

Further appointment information:

Making the most of your appointment

The majority of GP and nurse appointments are ten minutes in duration. We ask that you try to observe the ‘one appointment, one problem’ ethos. We strive to deal with each medical problem to the highest standard, and this proves difficult if we have to deal with a number of problems in one appointment.

Please remember, your appointment is booked for you only, so please do not ask our doctors and nurses to deal with the problem of a relative or child during your appointment. Please make a separate appointment for your child if they need to see a doctor.


Appointment Checklist:

  • Ask yourself:
    How important is being seen quickly?
    Could I seek advice from an alternative source, such as our online tools (click here to get started)?
    Would I be better waiting to see a GP who knows my condition?
    If a GP runs late, are they spending necessary time with patients? One day you may appreciate them running late for you.
  • It’s sensible to bring a list.
    However, consider what’s achievable in 10 minutes.
    4 problems? That’s 150 seconds each!
    It’s usually better to come back again rather than squeezing everything into 10 minutes.
  • Beforehand:
    Work out what’s really worrying you.
    Make short notes that describe your symptoms.
  • Get to the point.
    Don’t beat around the bush.
    Don’t ‘save’ important issues until the end.
  • Wear accessible clothing if you’re likely to need to undress for an examination.
  • Make sure you understand what’s been agreed and what is happening next.

*To book online, you first need to come into the practice with some photographic identification, preferably and passport or driving license, and ask the receptionist for your online access details. Once registered you will be able to book and cancel appointments and order repeat medication.


Do I need to see the Doctor or the Nurse Practitioner?


Nurse Practitioners are all trained specialist nurses who have undertaken additional education in order to provide advanced nursing care and prescribe.

Nurse Practitioners can provide treatment and advice for many problems for which you may have seen a doctor for in the past. Their main   areas of expertise are in the management of common illnesses and long term conditions.


Peartree Practice offer same day Nurse Practitioner appointments every day.

The Nurse Practitioner will see patients   for common illnesses. Routine appointments are also available if you prefer to book in advance.

The Nurse Practitioner can assess and examine you, make a diagnosis and provide advice and treatment including a prescription if required. They can make referrals to hospital doctors or other health care professionals, and admit patients into hospital when necessary.

Unfortunately, they are unable legally to sign a sick certificate, so you will need to see a GP for this.

They work closely with your GP and liaise frequently with her/him about your care.


Same day appointments:

  • Wounds, scalds, burns, rashes
  • Acute back pain, joint sprains
  • Shingles
  • Oral thrush
  • Acute chest infection
  • Dizziness, giddiness, unusual headache
  • Conjunctivitis, sticky discharging eye, stye
  • Diarrhoea, constipation, piles
  • Vomiting
  • Urinary tract infections, cystitis
  • Vaginal thrush soreness, lump or discharge

Tonsillitis, earache, cough, swollen glands, sinusitis, sore throat, colds and flu-like illnesses, raised temperature that show no improvement after one week of pharmacists’ advice and home treatment.  NB. a cough may persist for up to three or four weeks after other cold/flu symptoms have gone.


Routine appointments

Nurse practitioners are also able to manage those with long term conditions.

Some patients, often those with complex and long-standing medical problems, may need an appointment with a doctor.  The Nurse Practitioner is usually able to assess the situation and in some cases will organize initial blood tests and other investigations prior to arranging a follow up appointment with your GP.

We hope that you will find this new service will complement and improve the care you already receive, but please be assured that a doctor’s appointment will always be available.



The HUB – GP/Nurse Appointments

Information for Patients!
You may have heard us talk about appointment at the HUB if you have called for an appointment at the surgery.

What is this?

Southampton GPs introduced a new initiative a little while ago now to provide patients access to medical help from 8am to 8pm every weekday (including bank holidays) and 8am to 4pm on Saturday and 8am to 2pm on Sunday.

Southampton Primary Care Ltd (which is owned by all Southampton GP practices) has been set up to provide these appointments, known as ‘THE HUB’ and is an important part of the practices resource to help provide appointments to our patient population. You will be asked for permission to share your medical record with the person seeing you to ensure they can view your usual medication and possible allergies etc.

Who can use these appointment?

As a registered patient at Peartree Practice, we can book an appointment with a doctor or nurse for you.  You may find it more convenient to ask for a HUB appointment especially if you work or can only see a GP or nurse at the weekend.

Where are these HUBS?

There are six HUBS throughout the city who offer these appointments but we cannot guarantee which one will have free appointments on any particular day.  Please be aware that you may have to  visit one which may be slightly further away from your local surgery.

How do I book?

Our reception staff can book these for you, call the surgery on 02380 442111.  Also if you phone NHS 111 (when we are closed), then you could be offered a HUB appointment if you need to be seen by a GP or nurse on that day. Remember calling NHS 111 is free to phone and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you may not need to wait until 8am on Monday morning if you are needing medical attention over the weekend.