Bath Lodge Practice and Chessel Practice would like to merge their practices together with Bath Lodge services moving to the Chessel Practice Sites. Chessel Practice has two sites, one on Sullivan Road, Sholing, SO19 0HS and a branch site at Chessel Avenue, Bitterne, SO19 4AA.

With the difficulties being faced across the country with GP recruitment this has prompted discussions between the two practices about how they can secure services to their patients and make them fit for the future.

Chessel Practice offers more modern facilities with room to accommodate all Bath Lodge staff. By coming together and combining workforces, they are able to gain sufficient economies to deliver better care for a combined list size of approx. 21,000 patients.

We would like you to continue to be registered patients as we propose to move to Chessel Practice or alternatively you may wish to register with another practice of your choice.


What does this mean for me as a patient?

Whatever happens, there will be no changes to the main range of services you receive as all GP practices need to deliver these services within their contract.


How will I get there?

Chessel Practice has two sites.

Chessel Practice, Sullivan Road, Sholing SO19 0HS, is the main site where all administration staff are situated. It has its own car park to the front of the building along with a pharmacy attached for easy access to prescriptions.

It is 1.7 miles away from Bath Lodge Practice and is a direct route along the A3024 (approx. 10 mins drive).

There is also a direct bus route from Bitterne Leisure Centre which is a 3 minute walk from Bath Lodge Practice. These seem to run on a regular basis and are either the number 9 or number 18 bus. This stops across the road from the surgery (1 min walk).


Chessel Practice Chessel Avenue, Bitterne, SO19 4AA, is the branch site, this has its own private car park which is accessible to the rear down Little Lances Hill.

The practice is situated 0.6 miles from Bath Lodge Practice (5 min drive).

It is within walking distance of Bath Lodge Practice (approx. 12 mins) by the main road, or you can cut through the shopping precinct which will make it slightly shorter. There are no major hills and footpaths are available for the whole journey.


How can I have a say as a patient?

You can complete the online survey, paper copies of this are available at the reception desk or attend one of the patient information sessions below.


Additional support to ensure everyone can have their say.

If you or someone you know wants to provide feedback but are unable to attend planned drop in sessions due to other commitments etc, please feel free to either call the surgery on 02380 442111 or email us on


Drop in sessions and a visit to Chessel Practice

You may have some questions about these changes, or you might want to come and have a look at Chessel Practice.

We have arranged the following sessions that you may wish to attend.

Patient Information Sessions
Session 1 Wednesday 15th May 1-3pm Bath Lodge Practice, Bitterne Health Centre, Commercial Street, SO18 0HS
Session 2 Thursday 13th June 6-8pm Chessel Practice, Chessel Avenue, Bitterne, SO19 4AA
There will be further dates available after July – dates will be advertised in all practices


What happens next?

We will write to patients following the engagement period with an update of what is happening together with a summary of key themes from the information sessions.